About Salam Noah

Salam, 28 years old, from Kurdistan, Iraq. My name is Salam. I am from Iraq, and I am 28 years old. I was living in Baadre village in Kurdistan, with my family of 14 members. We were living in difficult material conditions. We were threatened...

Open Borders

Oil paintings on canvas Size 48×58 Price 250€ By Salam Noah Buy painting

Unnamed Painting

Oil paintings on canvas by knife Size 45×45 Price 200€ By Salam Noah Buy painting

SOLD – I wonder of the trails

I wander off the trails. Or how they may roam. In a mysterious way And when it drifts away without sails. With your beautiful colors Your relaxed sound And how your waves are shown Dear waves stay calm when you see...

Freedom in the eyes of fear

Do not be afraid, look at life How beautiful it is, and meditate on peace and freedom, let you shine the white banners of peace, let the fears of war and destruction be safe,...

Two of my favorite things

Oil painting on canvas 60×40 cm Price 150€ By Salam Noah Buy painting